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Why Your Practice Need A Website Today?

A static listing of your practice name with random patient reviews along with countless other providers in an online healthcare directory cluttered with ads is not a good way to project your professional image or highlight your specialty.

Unlike having your own website, this listing does not allow your practice to stay connected with existing patients or personally engage with prospective patients to educate or interest them to call.

Whether you are a new or existing practice, you need a steady flow of new patients and referrals to sustain and thrive. Unlike the old days, new patients searching for local healthcare providers today are using the Internet instead of print media. Referring doctors are increasingly replacing the referral slips with online referral forms.

A professional looking website not only makes your practice look established and trustworthy in the eyes of prospective patients but will also enable them to quickly find you. Like a business card, it gives your practice instant visibility on the Internet. In addition to being a marketing tool, a properly designed healthcare website also helps your practice cut cost and valuable staff time by going paperless with online appointment scheduling, patient registration, bill pay and much more.

In today's digitally connected world, a professional Internet presence is a must-have for healthcare practices whether you are located in a small town, major city or metropolitan area.

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“ 1 in 4 Patients Would Be Willing To Pay Extra For Services That Utilize The Internet To Communicate With Doctors And Would Be Prepared To Switch To A Provider That Does Provide Those Services”

– Deloitte
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