3/1/2013 - Dr Nguyen is an outstanding dentist! I went to see him to solve a problem my previous dentist had failed to do. Bluewater Dental has excellent patient facilities with new and latest equipment.

The dental staff is competent , friendly and helpful.

Dr. Nguyen makes a special effort to communicate what procedures he needs to do and how and why he will do them. He is clear and patient in answering questions. I was especially appreciative that Dr. Nguyen explains costs and understands patients concerns.

I was very impressed when Dr. Nguyen personally called me after a difficult procedure and asked me how I was doing!

I am a senior citizen and that never happened before.

Dr. Nguyen is knowledgeable, experienced,careful,meticulous, competent and personable and the best dentist I have been treated by! This is based on repeated visits.

I live in the foothills and driving to Modesto to see Dr. Nguyen is definitely worth the effort to get excellent service!.

Jim V.
Valley Springs, CA

11/9/2012 - I have had a lot of experience with multiple dentists over the years. I moved to Tracy 12 years ago from Southern California and I have been to 5 different dental practices since then. I finally found Dr Nguyen and I will never use another dentist as long as he is in business! Dr Nguyen puts his patient's comfort ahead of everything else. Dr Nguyen has skills and the highest of standards. He has even re-done crown work at no charge when he wasn't satisfied with the result even though it looked and felt fine to me!

His office does not use high pressure tactics to force unneeded procedures on you (this has happened to me at other places). If you are having financial difficulties they will work with you to find a solution. I no longer have to dread upcoming dental appointments... and did I mention that I am not kept waiting long after my scheduled appointment time has passed?

Terry C.
Tracy, CA

1/22/2012 - Dr, Nguyen is amazing!! He is patient, kind, and very knowledgeable. His staff is just as caring. I have received care from Dr. Nguyen and I will not go anywhere else. Very clean, professional office environment.

Beth M.
Modesto, CA

7/25/2012 - I came here for the first time and it was the best experience I've had at the dentist! The office was modern and clean. The staff was extremely nice and welcoming. Dr. Nguyen was very gentle and friendly. He seemed very knowledgeable and honest. I highly recommend!

Anora S.
Fremont, CA

11/20/2012 - I rarely write reviews and I have a very high standard when it comes to dentists. I've done so much work on my teeth already and I can easily distinguish a bad professional from a good one. I never believed in finding a good dentist in Modesto but I found Dr. Tony and he's extremely professional, knowlegdable and SMART. The office is updated and staff is competent, friendly and polite. I truly trust his work and I would like to share this to people that are looking for a good dentist. He is the dentist of my dreams!

K B.
San Francisco, CA

2/29/2012 - Dr Nguyen is the absolute best! I started with him a few years ago on a emergency appointment for a root canal. Not only does he reassure you with his calming manner he always make sure you are having no pain. I have had multiple procedures done with him and not once been in any type of pain. I would not receive care from another dentist. Always uses the top notch equipment and technology. If you are looking for a new dentist to go to he is the one!

Jenn S.
Manteca, CA